Command-line snippet organiser for power users

Snipline is a developer tool for organising shell commands.

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Streamline your workflow

Store your complex commands with dynamic parameters for easy retrieval with a fast workflow in mind.

Quickly Copy Snippets

Use terminal-esque commands to quickly copy your Snippets

Powerful Dynamic Snippets

Quickly insert context specific text into your commands

Endless Use Cases

Excel Formulas, SQL queries, SSH commands anything!

Keyboard-First Interface

Speed up your flow by searching and copy commands without ever needing to touch your mouse.

= yank/copy mode

Endless Dynamic Parameters

Dynamic parameters give you hints for changing commands, letting you copy them ready for the terminal.

curl '<URL>' -x '<Type>' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <Auth>' | jq > <File>.json

Access From Anywhere

Cloud-based so you can use it on multiple machines, Desktop apps and Web access and more apps coming soon for Mobile and Command-line.

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Our Story

Find out how the idea of Snipline was born and read up on how often we are implementing new features going forward.
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