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Snipline is a developer tool for organising shell commands. Store your complex commands with dynamic parameters for easy retrieval with a fast workflow in mind.

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Use variables and multi-choice presets to copy commands for each use.

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Use Snipline for storing anything. Excel Formulas, SQL queries, SSH commands, anything!

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New features are added regularly. See our roadmap for what’s to come.

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[php] cpanel php location
curl '<URL>' -X '<Type>' -H 'Authorization: Bearer …
Create MySQL Database (While in MySQL)
Systemlink directory
ln -s <Source><Destination>
Pretty Curl JSON to file
curl '<URL>' -X '<Type>' -H 'Authorization: Bear…
Summary of subdirectory sizes
du -h --max-depth=1 <Directory>
[tx] Tar zip extract
tar -xvzf <File><Optional Location>
Command (:)

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Use Snipline to add any snippet you frequently use in your daily tasks. Excel Formulas, SQL queries, SSH commands, anything!

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